Applied Carbonylations

Dr. Ralf Jackstell

An important challenge of catalysis is the development of 'clean' and practical technologies for synthesis of existing and new industrial products. As far as possible the desired products from cheap and readily available raw materials with high selectivity should be accessible, avoiding waste and byproducts. We focus on palladium-catalyzed CC coupling reactions as telomerizations, rhodium-, iridium-, ruthenium-, osmiumcatalysed reactions and hydroformylations, metalcatalysed -hydroaminomethylations, not noble metal hydrogenation of CO2. In addition, we turn our attention to the use of alternative (cheaper) metals (e.g. ruthenium) in known carbonylations and the use of CO -surrogates for carbonylations. As an alternative feedstock we also consider alkanes whose dehydrogenation products (olefins) can then be further refined. Furthermore also be work under the Evonik Advanced Catalysis Lab (EVA).