Internal Scientific Board

The guidelines for scientific work within the statutory research mandate are determined by the Board in close consultation with the Internal Scientific Board as the internal scientific committee.

The Internal Scientific Board comprises all scientific heads of research department, the heads of the service departments Administration, Technology and Analytics, and, when the occasion arises, also the heads of the associated university research groups Uni in Leibniz. The board is chaired by the scientific director of the institute.

Within the framework of monthly meetings, the Internal Scientific Board consultation, current issues and future plans are discussed with the aim of mutual information about research projects, their classification in the international research scene and interdepartmental cooperation in the sense of the matrix structure.



Prof. Matthias Beller, Dr. Eszter Baráth, Prof. Jennifer Strunk, Dr. Mirko Kirschkowski, Prof. Robert Francke, Dr. David Linke, Prof. Evgenii Kondratenko, Dr. Sebastian Wohlrab, Prof. Torsten Beweries, Dr. Sandra Hinze, PD Dr. Wolfgang Baumann und assoziierte Professoren Prof. Armin Börner, Prof. Udo Kragl, Prof. Axel Schulz, Prof. Ralf Ludwig, Prof. Klaus Neymeyr, Prof. Malte Brasholz, Prof. Björn Corzilius, Prof. Wolfram Seidel, Prof. Marko Hapke, Prof. Thomas Werner