The staff is directly assigned to the scientific directorate. It advises and supports, among other things, in strategic and infrastructural questions, prepares decision alternatives and supports the implementation of decisions. In 2019, the positions of the secretariat, public relations and the scientific officer at LIKAT were combined to form a staff with a staff manager. The tasks of the staff include:

  • Transfer & public relations (event management, communication & press relations, Internet presence)
  • Reporting and publication (annual reports, coordination of evaluation, licences & open access, statistics, database research.)
  • Secretarial matters
  • Committee work (preparation and follow-up of committee meetings & documents)
  • Implementation of amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Alumni network & meeting
  • Organization of soft skill trainings

In addition, the coordination of equal opportunity work, occupational health and safety, data protection and apprenticeship training fall within the staff's remit.