1952   Founded as the first research institute for catalysis in Europe - research efforts for the                    production of artificial butter in the post-war period

1959   Division into two separate institutions: Institute for Organic Catalysis (IfOK) in Rostock                   & Institute for Applied Chemistry Berlin-Adlershof (ACA)

2003   Admission of the IfOK to the Leibniz Association

2005   Moving into the new building in Rostock Südstadt

2006   Merger of IfOK and ACA into LIKAT Rostock, today one of the largest publicly funded                       research institutes in the field of applied catalysis

2009  Extension building house 1, Berlin colleagues move to   Rostock

2014   Moving into new building house 2

2019   Construction start of transfer technical centre

2022   Moving into transfer technical centre

Report on the Nazi Past by Prof. Dr Günther Rienäcker and Prof. Dr Wolfgang Langenbeck

Prof. Dr. Günther Rienäcker and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Langenbeck were the founding fathers of LIKAT. Their lives are a mirror of German history - including its dark times of dictatorship and oppression. They show: Science is not an ivory tower of self-sufficient scientific activity. Scientists bear responsibility for society. LIKAT is committed to this responsibility, which also includes dealing openly and transparently with its own past.

On behalf of LIKAT, the historian Dr. Florian Detjens has prepared a report.

The report and a summary are available here (initially only) in German.