Catalysis for sustainable processes

Prof. Udo Kragl (University of Rostock)

We are engaged in process development for chemo- and biocatalytic processes. This includes the development of new processes, especially in the field of downstream processing, e.g. with membrane processes, as well as new catalysts and materials. Investigations into scale-up and the optimization of existing processes and procedures with regard to economic and ecological aspects are also the subject of the work. In the field of biocatalysis Dr. Jan von Langermann has habilitated with the concept of in-situ product removal, Dr. Robert Francke in the field of electrocatalysis with the concept of membrane separation of polymer-bound mediators. The research activities at LIKAT are characterized by the junior research group of Dr. Esteban Mejia, who is located at the institute and successfully completed his habilitation in December 2020. The main research areas include silicone-based polymers and polyether-based functional materials.

Polymer Chemistry & Catalysis (Prof. Esteban Mejìa)

  • C-H Bond Generation and Derivatization through Nonconventional, Green Catalytic Methods
  • Photocatalysts, Organocatalysts and Carbo-Catalysts for C-H Derivatization Reactions
  • Heterogeneous Catalysts from Agricultural Bio-waste for C-H Formation Reactions

Biocatalysis & reaction engineering/membrane processes (Prof. Udo Kragl)


Homogeneous catalysis with renewable raw materials (Dr. Sergey Tin)