Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis

PD Dr. Torsten Beweries

We investigate different aspects of the coordination chemistry of early and late transition metal complexes in homogeneous catalysis. Starting from well-defined molecular systems, reaction optimisations and studies of the selectivity and kinetics of product formation are performed. Based on synthetic organometallic chemistry we aim for a fundamental understanding of structure-activity relationships.

Catalysis with early transition metals (Dr. Fabian Reiß)

  • Exotic metallacycles of titanium and zirconium
  • Activation of C-C, C-H, O-H, N-H, B-H and C-F bonds
  • Polymerisation and oligomerisation catalysis of olefins

Catalysis with late transition metals (Dr. habil. Torsten Beweries)

  • Ligand Synthesis and coordination chemistry
  • Activation of small molecules
  • Dehydrocoupling reactions for new B-N materials

Mechanisms in homogeneous catalysis (Dr. Hans-Joachim Drexler)

  • Synthesis and characterisation of Rhodium bis(phoshane) complexes
  • Asymmetric catalysis
  • Investigation of activation and deactivation pathways