Vortragsgäste 2023

01.12.2022   Dr. Anna Horstmann (Vortrag) im Rahmen des 70. Institutsgeburtstags
23.03.2022 Prof. Gerhard Hilt Unusual Techniques in Organic Electrosynthesis and Lewis-Acid Promoted Transfer-Hydrogenations
22.03.2022 Prof. Klaus Köhler Molecular Heterogeneous Catalysis - A Molecular View on Structures and Reactions on Solid Surfaces
18.03.2022 Prof. Kai-Olaf Hinrichsen Energy transition in miniature: Combining catalyis and reaction engineering at a practicle level
11.03.2022 Prof. Katharina Al-Shamery Understanding heterogeneous catalysis fundamentally: From single site reactions to nanostructured systems
09.03.2022   Workshop "LIKAT/University Cooperation"
07.03.2022   Workshop "C-H activation"
24.02.2022   Workshop "Catalytic Hydrogenation of Renewables and Related Molecules"
18.02.2022 Prof. Dr. ir. Bert Weckhuysen Advances in Operando Spectroscopy and its Role in the Refinery of the Future
15.02.2022 Prof. Paul Knochel Functionalization of N-Heterocycles using Li, Mg and Zn Organometallics


06.12.2021   virtueller Workshop "Carbonylations"
27.10.2021 Prof. Olga Garcia Mancheno Design of Novel Systems for Photoredox & Anion-Binding Catalysis

2. ComBioCat Symposium “Catalysis Across Borders”

26.08.2021   LIKAT/AK Glorius Seminar (Hybrid)
04.08.2021   virtueller Workshop “Current Developments in Electrosynthesis and Electrocatalysis”
03.06.2021   Institutsseminar (virtuell)
28.05.2021   Alumni Day 2021 (virtuell)
27.05.2021   ComBioCat Virtual Spring School 2021 - Opportunities and Challenges in Catalytic Biomass Conversion
21.05.2021 Dr. Sven Stripp Understanding & Mimicking Gas-processing Metalloenzymes
21.05.2021 Prof. Peter Deuss Value from Biomass
20.05.2021 Prof. Melanie Schnell Elucidating molecular structures and non-covalent interactions using high-resolution rotational spectroscopy
17.05.2021 Prof. Ivana Fleischer Catalysis and C-Chalcogen Bonds
17.05.2021 Dr. Eszter Baráth Understanding of catalysis in condensed phase – Dehydration, HDO and hydrogen transfer reactions
17.05.2021 Dr. Matthias Höhne Identifying and designing enzymes and cascades for the sustainable synthesis of chiral building blocks
03.05.2021 Prof. Rylan Lundgren virtueller Vortrag: "Exploiting and Understanding Ionic Decarboxylation in Cross-Coupling Catalysis and Beyond"
27.04.2021   virtueller Workshop "Challenges and Innovations in Photo/Electrocatalytic Energy Conversion"
21.04.2021   virtueller Workshop "Reaction mechanisms in homogeneous catalysis"
15.04.2021 Prof. Susanne Mossin virtueller Vortrag: "In-situ EPR spectroscopy of active catalysts for selective catalytic reduction"
15.04.2021 Dr. Maricruz Sanchez-Sanchez virtueller Vortrag: "Zeolite based catalysts for C1 conversion to fuel and chemicals
30.03.2021 Prof. Serena DeBeer virtueller Vortrag: "Spectroscopic studies of biological methane oxidation"
23.03.2021   virtueller Workshop "Structure-Reactivity Relationship in Single-Site Catalysis for Sustainable Chemistry
04.03.2021 Dr. Irina Delidovich virtueller Vortrag: "Isomerization of ligncellulosic monosaccharides: catalysis and product separation"
03.03.2021   virtueller Workshop "Data Management in Catalysis Research: The opportunities ahead"
26.02.2021 Dr. Annika Bande virtueller Vortrag: "Theoretical Spectroscopy and Electron Dynamics of Carbon-Based Nano-Photocatalysts"
11.02.2021   ICESCO Workshop "International Day of Women and Girls in Science"
10.02.2021   Virtueller Workshop "Pincer catalysis"
18.12.2020Workshop "Carbon Dioxide for X-mas"
11.12.2020Prof. Stefanie TschierleiAre extended pi-systems a suitable component for photocatalysis?
28.09.2020Prof. Albrecht BerkesselCatalytic Synthesis with Titanium and Carbenes
18.09.2020virtual Beller-Braunschweig-Glorius group mini-meeting
16.09.2020Dr. Michael KarnahlVirtual: Are Cu(I) complexes a viable alternative? All about copper based photosensitizers.
06.03.2020Prof. Wolfram SeidelDonor Substituted Alkynes as Linkers in Multinuclear Complexes: Valence Problems and Activation Potential
27.02.2020Prof. Dmitri GelmanCatalysis and the Modular Pincer-Platform
04.02.2020Prof. Anna TrzeciakImmobilized Palladium catalysts in organic synthesis
29.01.2020Prof. Malte BrasholzNew photocatalyst or new reaction? Updates on photodehydronative cycloadditions, photooxygenations and photo Tandem catalysis
05.12.2019 Dr. Matthew M. D. Roy The Influence of Lewis Bases on Low-Valent Tetrelene Reactivity
18.11.2019 Prof. Dr. Björn Corzilius Towards site-specificity in modern solid-state dynamic nuclear polarization NMR
14.11.2019 Prof. Mingji Dai Building Structural Complexity via Transition Metal Catalysis
14.11.2019 Prof. Peter Gölitz Diskussionsrunde mit den Doktoranden und Postdocs
13.11.2019 Prof. Christian Müller The Multifaceted Chemistry of Aromatic Phoshporus Heterocycles
07.11.2019   Workshop "Catalysis & Energy"
23.10.2019 Prof. Wolfgang Schöfberger Metal Corroles for CO2 Reduction/Fixation and Water Oxidation/Reduction (OER/ORR)
15.10.2019 Dr. Tobias Robert Polyesters from itaconic acid - a bio-based alternative for radical curing materials?
09.10.2019 Dr. Michael Maiwald How online NMR-Spectroscopy Accelerates Chemical process Development and Manufacturing - From Automated Spectral Analysis to Integrated NMR Micro Reactors
24.09.2019 Dr. Srećko Kirin Artificial secondary structures in the design of new catalysts and new materials
13.09.2019 Prof. Burkhard König Photoredox Catalysis: Organic Synthesis with Visible Light
12.09.2019 Prof. Aiwen Lei Oxidation Induced C-H Activation and Oxidative Cross-Coupling with H2 Evolution
12.09.2019 Prof. Samir Chikkali Metal Catalyzed Phoshination, Polymerization and Hydroformylation: From Revelations to Relevance
29.08.2019 Prof. Deryn Fogg Frontiers in Olefin Metathesis
29.08.2019 Seminar LIKAT/AK Glorius  
19.07.2019 Prof. Naoto Chatani Development of New Catalytic Reactions Involving the Activation of Traditionally Inert Bonds
18.07.2019 Institutsseminar  
27./28.06.2019 Alumni-Tag 2019  
21.06.2019 Prof. Lin He C1 resource utilization: homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts for carbonylation
28.05.2019 Prof. Masahiro Murakami Synthetic Reactions Driven by Energy of Photons
16./17.05.2019 Hanse Chemistry Symposium  
08.05.2019 Prof. Anton Vidal Supramolecular catalytic Systems for the (Stereo)selective Formation of C-H, C-B and C-C bonds
07.05.2019 Prof. Michael Rubin Using Ring Strain Release for Alleviation of Transannular Strain: Small-Ring Templated Synthesis of Medium Cycles
25.04.2019 Prof. Fabio Ragaini The Reduction of Organic Nitro Compounds by Carbon Monoxideö as an Effective Strategy for the Synthesis of N-Heterocyclic Compounds
12.04.2019 Prof. Benjamin List Very Strong and Confined Acids Enable a General Approach to Asymmetric Lewis Acid Catalysis
02.04.2019 Prof. Sylvain Jugé Recent Advances in P-Chirogenic-Organophosphorus Synthesis
29.03.2019 Prof. Roland Roesler Ligand design for challenging substrates: N-H and C-F bond activation on Nickel and Ruthenium
07.03.2019 Prof. Kim Daasbjerg Developing Efficient Electrocatalysts for the Reduction of CO2 to CO: From Metal Porphyrin to metal/Nitrogen Doped Carbon
07.03.2019 Prof. Troels Skrydstrup Recent Developments in Pd- and Ni-mediated Carbonylations
05.03.2019 Dr. Osama El-Sepelgy Valorization of Renewable Feedstocks Enabled by Cooperative Base-Metal Catalysis
25.02.2019 Dr. Tobias Gensch Quantitative Analysis of Phosphine Properties in Catalysis
13.02.2019 Prof. Dieter Vogt Sustainable Synthesis of Amines - Direct Amination of Alcohols with NH3
31.01.2019 Prof. Feng Shi An effort to build active heterogeneous catalyst for specific reactions with defined active structure 
30.01.2019 Prof. Hans-Günther Schmalz Phenol-derived chiral P,P ligands and their application in the catalytic-enantioselective Synthesis of bioactive molecules
19.12.2018Prof. Jennifer Strunk

Dr. Wolfgang Baumann

PD Dr. Andra Schromm
What is Good Scientific Practice?

LIKATs Guidelines on Scientific Integrity and Scientific Misconduct

The Borstel Model of Good Scientific Practice: A practical Approach to improve the Quality of scientific research
03.12.2018Dr. José HernándezMechanochemistry, a Unique Strategy for Chemical Synthesis
07./08.11.2018Hanse Symposium
06.11.2018Prof. Pham HuyenIndustrial Catalysis in Vietnam - Challenges in Refining Processes
29.10.2018Prof. Wataru UedaResearch Activity on Catalystic Methane Activation in Japan and New Heterogeneous Catalysis for Achieving Selective Alkane Oxidations
22.10.2018Prof. Albrecht BerkesselCatalysis with Carbenes and Titanium: Recent News
19.10.2018Prof. Bernd PlietkerBreathing in and out - Fe-NO-complexes in catalysis
21.09.2018Prof. Yun-jie DingOverview of the Developing Chemical Conversion Technologies in the Center of Catalysis in Syngas Conversion and Fine Chemicals of DICP
19.09.2018Dr. Renat KadyrovDer Herbst des Chemikers. Das beste kommt zum Schluss
06.09.2018Prof. Yang LiResearch around Hydrogen Release and Beyond
23.08.2018PD Dr. Marc-Denis WeitzeKommunikation Neuer Technologien: Schlüsselideen, Akteure, Fallbeispiele
22.08.2018Dr. Stephen MansellApplying unconventional ligands to catalysis
17.08.2018Prof. Bert SelsCatalysis in a lignocellulosic refinery: quo vadis?
17.08.2018Prof. Bert MaesA journey with pyridines: Catalytic transformation of C-H bonds and amides
18.07.2018Prof. Yuehui LiSelective Utilization of C1 Compounds
06.07.2018Prof. Stephan BarcikowskiLaser-generated, Ligand-free model catalysts: Synthesis, upscaling, supporting and model reactions
14.06.2018Prof. Jeffrey Johnson20th-Century German Chemists between Nationalism and Internationalism: Change and Continuity in Organization and Education, 1914-1990
14.06.2018Prof. Jiwoong LeeLearning to Love CO2
08.06.2018Dr. Anilkumar GopinathanIron, copper and zinc catalyzed coupling reactions
07.06.2018Prof. Hermenegildo GarciaDefective graphenes from biomass wastes as (photo/electro)catalysts
07.06.2018Dr. Thomas HaasKünstliche Photosynthese
01.06.2018Prof. Yong-Wang LiFischer-Tropsch Synthesis Fundamentals & Engineering Practices
31.05.2018Prof. Xumu ZhangDevelopment of Chiral Ligand Toolbox for asymmetric hydrogenation
30.05.2018Prof. Gabriele CentiNeeds and opportunitiy of electrocatalysis for future chemistry and energy
15.05.2018Prof. Simon AldridgeNon-conventional approaches to bond activation and catalysis
09.05.2018Prof. Udo RadiusN-Heterocyclic Carbenes and Cyclic (Alkyl) (Amino) Carbenes as Ligands and Reagents: Activation of both Main-Group Element-Element Bonds and Carbenes Themselves
09.05.2018Dr. Stephan BachmannCatalysis as Key Technology for the Synthesis & Scale-up of APIs and Their Intermediates
26.04.2018Prof. R. J. M. Klein GebbinkBio-inspired Homogeneous Catalysis
25.04.2018Prof. Graham HutchingsCatalysis using gold-containing nanoparticles
16.04.2018Prof. Valentine AnanikovDynamic catalytic Systems for organic Synthesis and sustainable development
09.04.2018Prof. Cédric FischmeisterCatalytic Conversion of Renewables: From Polymer Precursors to Fine Chemicals
08.03.2018Dr. Henrik Lund

Dr. Carsten Kreyenschulte

Dr. Giovanni Agostini
Characterization of Catalysts by Powder X-ray Diffraction

Electron microscopy at LIKAT - Background and application

Introduction to XPS in catalysis
01.03.2018Prof. Robert SchlöglChemical Energy Conversion  
20.02.2018Prof. Ulrike HolzgrabeRegulatory Analysis: Impurity Profiling
13.02.2018Prof. Karl KirchnerChemistry Based on Non-Precious Metal Pincer Complexes
05.02.2018Prof. Susumu SaitoCatalytic hydrogen Management of renewable chemical feedstock: hydrogenation under dark and dehydrogenation under light 
10.01.2018Prof. Alceo MacchioniIridium-Based Catalysts Relevant to the Production of Solar Fuels
14.12.2017Prof. Boon Siang Jason Yeo

Florian Scharnagl

Dr. Christoph Topf

Dr. Christian Hering-Junghans
Electrochemical Activation of Small Molecules

Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide to Methanol with a Homogeneous Cobalt Catalyst

Old Reaction-New Fashion: Activation of Hydrogen by (chiral) Metal Complexes

Ligand Design for Small Molecule Activation
27.10.2017Prof. Oliver KappeGoing with the Flow - The Use of Continuous Processing in Organic Synthesis
25.10.2017Prof. Valerii BukhtiyarovSize and synergetic effects in reactions of selective oxidation and hydrogenation over mono- and bimetallic supported catalysts
19.10.2017Prof. Evamarie Hey-HawkinsMultifaceted Chemistry with Phosphorus-Functionalised Ferrocene Derivatives
17.10.2017Prof. Mark GandelmannNew Bonding and Reactivity: Chemistry of N-Cations and N-Radicals
04.10.2017Prof. Sukbok ChangDevelopment of Direct C-H Amination Reactions: Mechanism, Scope and Applications
22.09.2017Prof. Kuiling DingA Story of SKP/Pd Catayst: Mechanistic Understanding, Process Inmovation & Drug Discovery
05.09.2017Dr. Alessandro GalloCO2 reduction to methanol over bimetallic catalysts
24.07.2017Prof. Eric Rivard

Metallacycle Transfer and N-Heterocyclic Olefin Ligands in the Main Group: Drawing Inspiration from Rostock

20.07.2017Prof. Jesús Pérez TorrenteDesign of iridium NHC-based molecular and hybrid catalysts for hydrogen transfer reactions
13.07.2017Dr. Qiang LiuCo- and Mn-catalyzed hydrogen Transfer reactions

Prof. Jennifer Strunk

Stefanie Kreft

Marcel Sonneck

Jiadong Xiao
Heterogeneous Photocatalysis: The Perspective of Reaction Engineering

Application of heterogeneous copper catalysts in photocatalytic H2O and CO2 reduction

Graphene as electron mediator for homogeneous and heterogeneous photocatalytic water Splitting systems

Visible light driven photocatalytic ozonation of water pollutants by OH radical/C3N4 catalysts: Mechanistic insights by in situ EPR
06.07.2017Dr. Sarim DastgirOpportunities for Downstream Oil and Gas Monetisation in the GCC
04.07.2017Dr. Bill MorandiShuttle Catalysis - a Conceptual Blueprint for Reversible Functional Group Transfer
29.06.2017Dr. Anant KapdiMultifunctional nucleoside development using sustainable Palladium Catalysis
28.06.2017Dr. Andreas SteffenCooperative effects in excited d10 coinage metal compounds - from luminescence to photocatalysis
16.06.2017Dr. Andrea De ToniHerausforderungen in der Entwicklung von Diesel-Autoabgaskatalysatoren
14.06.2017Prof. Carsten BolmAsymmetric Synthesis and catalysis under mechanochemical conditions
13.06.2017Dr. Valerie BrioisOperando X-ray Absorption Investigations of Heterogeneous Catalysts: Methods and Results
08.06.2017Prof. Gerrit LuinstraCatalytic Copolymerization of Propylene oxide and carbon Dioxide on Surfaces
15.05.2017Prof. Bas de BruinRedox Activity of Carbenes & Nitrenes; On the Convergent and Divergent Radical-type Pathways of Metal-Bound 'Substrate Radicals'
03.05.2017Prof. Gabor LaurenczyCarbon dioxide as hydrogen vector
10.04.2017Prof. Johannes LercherTowards Understanding Heterogeneous Catalysts
27.03.2017Dr. Atsushi UrakawaContinuous Catalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Chemical Fuels and Operando Spectroscopic Investigations
21.03.2017Dr. Sebastian KunzLigands on Nanoparticles (NPs) - Combining the Benefits of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis?
20.03.2017Dr. Sebastian WohlrabFrom pores in silica to functional materials for C1 conversion
09.03.2017Prof. Richard O'Hair

More than just an analytical method! Using Mass Spectrometry to Build Bridges between Gas and Solution Phase Metal Chemistry

23.02.2017Dr. Marco ConteNovel nanomaterials for the selective oxidation of hydrocarbons
31.01.2017Prof. Michael WillisIntorducing and removing sulfur dioxide (in organic molecules): New opportunities for catalysis
24.01.2017Prof. Arjan KleijCyclic Organic Carbonates: Synthesis and Application in Stereo- and Enantio-Selective Synthesis
23.01.2017Prof. Paul Kamer

Approaches to Bridge the gaps between homogeneous, heterogeneous and biocatalysis

23.01.2017Prof. Stefan MeckingNovel polymer materials via selective catalytic funtionalization of fatty acids
15.12.2016Dr. Torsten Beweries

Dr. Dirk Hollmann

Daniel Türks

Amine borane adducts as model compounds for hydrogen storage and materials chemistry

Visualisation of electron transfer steps using EPR spectroscopy

Catch the wind - CO2-Methanisation for sustainable power storage
30.11.2016Prof. David Cole-HamiltonCatalytic production of chemicals from waste bio-oils
28.11.2016Prof. Andrew Weller

Solid–State Molecular Organometallic Synthesis and Catalysis

21.11.2016Dr. Geraldine MassonVisible light photoredox catalysis as a tool for organic synthesis
01.11.2016Prof. Eduardo dos SantosToward a more sustainable chemical industry: terpenes and arylpropenoids as feedstock in transition metal complex catalyzed reactions
13.10.2016Dr. Jens WortmannIntroduction in Intellectual Property Rights and Searching Patent Databases
07.10.2016Prof. Michael NorthCO2 separation and utilisation
23.09.2016Prof. Detlef Heller
Dr. Christoph Kubis
Dr. Haijun Jiao
Dr. David Linke
Kinetik in der homogenen Katalyse - Möglichkeiten und Probleme
Kinetics of homogeneous catalytic multistep reactions: Investigations on the hydroformylation of alkenes with catalysts modified by P(III) ligands
Kinetics - What can Computation do?
Kinetic Modelling in Heterogeneous Catalysis
23.08.2016Dr. Viktoria Däschlein-GessnerMethanides and metalated ylides: Unique ligands in carbene and main Group element chemistry
27.07.2016Dr. Marc WalterEin Streifzug durch das Periodensystem: Von ästhetischen Molekülen zur Aktivierung kleiner Moleküle
25.07.2016Prof. Jan-Dierk GrunwaldtChemie und Energie: Entwicklung von Katalysatoren zur nachhaltigen Speicherung von Energie in chemischen Verbindungen
20.07.2016Prof. Michael SchmittelNetworking nanoswitches for catalysis and communication
18.07.2016Dr. Bao NguyenCatalyst deactivation in High Value Chemical Manufacturing
11.07.2016Prof. Yundong WuBridging Theory and Experiment in Establishing Mechanisms of Catalytic Reactions
23.06.2016Dr. Maria WächtlerFrom photoinduced Dynamics towards materials for solar energy conversion
22.06.2016Dr. Thomas KuchlingHydrierendes Upgrading von biogenen Ölen zu hochwertigen Kraftstoffen
21.06.2016Dr. Rafael Rodriguez-LugoChemistry inspired in Nature: ligands based on biomolecules, non-innocent ligands and environmentally friendly reactions
Prof. Wolfgang Grünert
Dr. Ursula Bentrup
Dr. Andreas Martin
Wissenschaftliches Festkolloquium
Aktive Zentren und Reaktionsmechanismen der SCR von NO an Redox-Zeolithen – Was wir wissen und was wir ahnen
Synthese und Wirkungsweise von Molybdat-Katalysatoren für heterogenkatalysierte Oxidationsreaktionen - Monitoring mittels in situ spektroskopischer Methoden
Der Sabatier-Prozess im Zeichen erneuerbarer Energien: Renaissance einer Hydrierreaktion
08.06.2016Dr. Jola Pospech

Dearomative Functionalization with Arenophiles 

19.05.2016August Michaelis Festsymposium
18.05.2016Prof. Greta PatzkeTransition Metal Oxides and Oxoclusters for Energy and Environmental Applications
18.05.2016Dr. Katalin BartaNew strategies for the conversion of Lignin: from model studies towards application
13.05.2016Prof. Edgars SunaDevelopment of Chiral Pyridine Catalysts
04.05.2016Prof. Douglas Stephan

FLP Chemistry: New Avenues in Synthesis and Catalysis 

02.05.2016Dr. Julia RehbeinReaction Mechanisms - A Matter of Change
26.04.2016Dr. Inke SiewertProton-coupled Electron Transfer Reactions Mediated by Cobalt and Copper Comlexes
21.04.2016Dr. Ivana FleischerNew reagents and catalysts for the functionalization of alkenes
24.02.2016Prof. Martin NielsenIs more better? - Studies on the expansion from conventional mononuclear organometallic compounds to polynuclear cluster complexes and the resulting impact on reactivity will be presented.
22.02.2016Prof. Ding MaAqueous-Phase Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Reaction at Low Temperature
18.02.2016Prof. Peteris TrapencierisAziridines - from chemistry to biology, back and forth
08.02.2016Dr. Christian Hering-JunghansN-Heterocyclic Olefins - A New Class of Tunable Ligands
27.01.2016Prof. Christoph TzschuckePalladium-Catalyzed Direct C-H Arylation of Pyridine N-Oxides
26.01.2016Dr. Evgeny PidkoComputational catalysis for sustainable chemistry: from mechanistic insights to performance optimization
14.01.2016Dr. Alexey SergeevTransition-metal mediated cleavage of strong C-O and C-C bonds for sustainable chemistry
16.11.2015Prof. RNDr. Martin KotoraLewis Base Catalyzed Allylation of Aldehydes and Ist Application in Natural Compound Synthesis
11.11.2015Dr. Ivan Shuklov

Alonso Rosas
Dr. Jens Deutsch

Prof. Johannes de Vries
Lactic acid as a platform chemical in the sustainable chemistry
Photocatalytic valorization of carbon dioxide
Direct amination of petro- and biobased alcohols with ammonia
Crotyl alcohol as a new platform chemical. Ist preparation from bioethanol
10.11.2015Prof. B. MaesConstruction and Decoration of Nitrogen Containing Compounds using Transition Metal Catalysis
03.11.2015Prof. M. WarkSemiconductor nanocomposites and organically modified iron-based thin films for photoinduced water splitting
19.10.2015Prof. M. AlbrechtDonor-flexible ligands for oxidation catalysis
22.07.2015Prof. A. SickmannImpact of proteases for Bioanalytics
23.06.2015Prof. T.-G. OngAll Manifestations of Carbodicarbene and Amino-NHC in Catalysis and Main Group Elements
16.06.2015Jacqueline Priebe

Dr. Ch. Kubis

Dr. H. Atia

C. Kreyenschulte
Opportunities and limitations of in situ EPR spectroscopy for monitoring light-generated charge carriers during heterogeneous photocatalytic hydrogen generation

In situ IR-spectroscopy for the study of kinetic and mechanistic aspects of homogeneously catalyzed alkene hydroformylation

Temperature programmed methods (TPX)

Electron microscopy at LIKAT-Probing the nano-world
09.06.2015Prof. Ch. HahnHydrofunctionalizations of alkynes catalyzed by electrophilic palladium, platinum and gold complexes
04.06.2015Prof. O. BaudoinPalladium(0)-catalyzed C(sp3)-H activation: a powerful tool for the construction of polycyclic sytems
26.05.2015Prof. T. NugentBreaking Symmetry and Avoiding the Bane of Synthesis (Protecting Groups) to Access Alzheimer Drug Candidates
24.04.2015Prof. P. KamerLigand design in homogeneous catalysis: rational design, combinatorial approaches and artificial enzymes
15.04.2015Dr. A. AntonchickDevelopment of novel methods for C-H bond functionalization
13.04.2015Prof. F. RagainiNitroarenes and carbon monoxide. Versatile reagents for the synthesis of base and fine chemiclals
17.03.2015Dr. M. Alcarazo

Cationic ligands: Synthesis and applications

16.03.2015Dr. F. NoronhaHydrogen production from ethanol
24.02.2015Dr. A. TrunschkeFrom molecular precursors to nanostructured metal oxide catalysts
18.12.2014Dr. A. KöckritzOxidations in the liquid phase using environmentally benign conditions
Dr. J. RadnikX-rays as tool for the characterisation of oxidation catalysts
Dr. E. KondratenkoSupported well-defined noble metal nanoarticles for high temperature oxidation of methane and ammonia
Dr. J. RajenahallyGreen oxidation process using non-noble metal oxides-based nanocatalysts for synthesis of nitriles, amides and esters
Dr. S. WohlrabDesign of porous catalysts for the selective oxidation of methane
24.11.2014Prof. T. SkrydstrupResent Developments in Carbonylation
Prof. K. DaasbjergNovel Hybrid Materials Prepared from Graphene and Polymer Brushes
19.11.2014Dr. K. V. RaghavanEngineering the Catalyst microenvironment for Selective Organic Synthesis-Interesting Developments
05.11.2014Dr. V. ArteroBioinspired catalysts and molecular-engineered electrode materials for hydrogen evolution


Prof. J. de Vries

What is that pincer doing in my cashew nuts?

Prof. C. ClaverMetal nanoparticles as catalysts for selective hydrogenation and Fischer-Tropsch reaction
Prof. S. GladialiThe Impact of homogeneous catalysis in hydrogen activation. A personal account
25.08.2014Prof. J. MittendorfMedicinal Chemistry - an Innovation Driver at Bayer HealthCare
09.07.2014Prof. H. HuangExploring New Reactivity for Homogeneous Catalysis from C-H to C-N Bonds Activation
09.07.2014Prof. R. M. Llusar BarellesNew insights into the chemistry of transition metal cluster chalcogenides and their applications
08.07.2014Prof. Sh. StahlCopper-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidation Reactions
25.06.2014Dr. R. HornPalladium-Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidation Reactions - Mechanistic Insight from In Situ Experiments and Kinetic Simulations
23.06.2014Prof. Sh. Stahl
Catalyc and Gas Phase Methane Oxidation at High Temperatures
19.06.2014Dr. S. Sokolov

Dr. N. Steinfeldt

Dr. M. Hapke

Prof. D. Heller
Crafting vanadium catalyst for propane dehydrogenation: metal-support teamwork
Catalysts with pre-formed metal nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization and application
Stable, active and in between: Synthesis of group 9 metal complexes with different (neutral) ligands
Homogenen Katalyse mit Rh-Komplexen -Katalysatorsynthese
12.06.2014Dr. M. ScaloneWith efficient catalysis towards the commercial synthesis of edaglitazone and aleglitazar
06.06.2014Dr. P. DupauIndustrial Selective Hydrogenation for Flavour and Fragrance Applications
05.06.2014Dr. R. MarschallMixed metal oxides and composites for solar energy conversion
13.05.2014Prof. D. GrotjahnMoving Protons: Synthetic and Mechanistic Studies of Bifunctional Catalysis for Organic Chemistry and Energy
08.05.2014Dr. E. ReisnerArtificial photosynthesis with molecular catalysts integrated in nanostructured materials
16.04.2014Prof. V. Hessel

Flow Chemistry with Perspective towards Green Engineering - which is more than Engineering Green Chemistry

06.03.2014Dr. A. SchaadtMethanol aus CO2 und H2 - Ein sinnvoller Ansatz?
12.02.2014Prof. K.-E. JägerGlowing biocatalysts: news from enzymes and fluorescent proteins
11.02.2014V. Füllert

C. Kreyenschulte

Dr. M. Brötzmann
Ga(NAs) at atomic resolution

Ungeordnete Strukturen im EFTEM

HRTEM-investigations of semiconductor heterostructures and self-organized metal-silicide surface patterns
28.01.2014Dr. R. HergenröderPhotoelectron Spectroscopy under ambient conditions
21.01.2014Prof. D. SchmeißerMethanisierung von Rauchgas- und Oxyfuel- CO2

Dr. M.M. Pohl

Dr. U. Bentrup

Dr. H. Jiao

Prof. Neymeyr

STEM Investigations on Carbon supported and Nitrogen modified Fe2O3 Catalysts
Monitoring of catalytic reactions by in situ spectroscopic methods

Computational Chemistry – A Multifunctional Tool in Catalysis

How mathematics can help to explore spectroscopic data

10.12.2013Prof. A. LeiInsights toward Copper-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions
15.11.2013Prof. M. GauntNew Catalytic Strategies for Chemical Synthesis
29.10.2013Prof. Ch. HessProbing catalysts and gas sensors at work
07.10.2013Prof. K. JurkschatPhosphorhaltige Zangen-Liganden zur Stabilisierung niedervalenter Organoelementderivate
01.10.2013Prof. J. Pérez-RamirezCatalytic processes for halogen recycling - past, present, future
23.09.2013Prof. R. MorrisIron Catalysts for Asymmetric reductions
30.08.2013Prof. B. GarrettCatalysis Research in the Institute for Integrated Catalysis
15.08.2013Prof. J. BlackerThe Scale-up and Application of Chemo- and Bio-Catalytic Processes 
12.07.2013Prof. J. G. de VriesCatalytic conversion of renewable resources into bulk and fine chemicals
08.07.2013Prof. T. SkrydstrupEfficient Transition Metal Catalysis with Two-Chamber Reactors
03.07.2013Dr. R. Rinaldi

New Thinking in Heterogeneous Catalysis for Cellulose and Lignin Conversion

13.06.2013B. MilowForschen für die Energiewende - Aktivitäten des Deutschen Zentrums für Luft- und Raumfahrt
07.05.2013Prof. G. LiuTransition Metal-Catalyzed Fluorination
02.05.2013Dr. M. K. DongareTiatanium peroxide gel: A novel material for adsorption, photocatalysis, TS-1 synthesis and protective coating
29.04.2013Prof. K. DingChiral Catalyst Evolution: Rational Design and Serendipity

Dr. U. Armbruster

Dr. J. Holz

Dr. S. Hübner

Dr. K. Junge

Heterogeneously Catalysed Hydrogenation of CO2
Asymmetric Hydrogenation

Continuous Hydrogenations in Microstructured Reactors

Catalytic Reduction of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
11.04.2013Prof. M. MuhlerHigh-temperatur Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over iron catalysts
27.03.2013Prof. P. DixneufLe ruthenium a l`eau: C-H bonds acting as functional group
22.03.2013Prof. R. FarrautoNew Catalysts and Reactor Designs for the Hydrogen Economy
19.03.2013Prof. W. GrünertSelektive katalytische Reduktion von Stickoxiden an Eisen-Zeolithen: Neues zu Aktiven Zentren und Reaktionsmechanismen
07.03.2013Prof. C. SchulzkeModelle für molybdän- und wolframhaltige Oxidasen – Untersuchungen zur Rolle der Liganden und des Metalles für die katalytische Funktion
21.02.2013Prof. F. GloriusStories on design & surprise: C-H activation, asymmetric arene hydrogenation and NHC organocatalysis
20.02.2013Prof. S. StewartThe Synthesis of N and O-Heterocycles through Palladium Mediated Domino Reactions
18.02.2013Dr. M. WalterAktivierung kleiner Moleküle mit Übergangsmetallkomplexen
06.02.2013Prof. P. CanuBehavior of planar model catalysts at ambient in conditions, in stagnation point flow reactor: questioning the pressure gap
31.01.2013Prof. R. SebestaAsymmetric conjugate additions of organometallic reagents using ferrocene ligands
24.01.2013Prof. H. GrützmacherCooperative Metal Ligand Interactions: From Dehydrogenations to Organometallic Fuel Cells
10.01.2013Prof. FornasieroModular assembly of innovative heterogeneous catalysts
07.01.2013Sh. Das
P. Rajagopalan
N. Kalevaru

"Days of India" 2012/2013 in Germany: Scientific Colloquium

19.12.2012Prof. A. LeiInsights of Copper Chemistry in Coupling Reactions
18.12.2012Prof. Atta-Ur-RahmanSome Adventures in Natural Product Chemistry and Higher Education
13.12.2012Prof. P. KamerTentative title will be: Ligand design and biological concepts in homogeneous catalysis
28.11.2012Prof. N. KockmannChemische Reaktionen an Grenzflächen - Intensivierung in Mikroreaktoren
05.11.2012Dr. van GastelAn EPR and DFT study of Epoxide Opening with Titanocene
17.10.2012Prof. S. GladialiAdvances in the CO-styrene copolymerization catalyzed by Pd/pyridine nitrogen ligands
16.10.2012Prof. M. AlbrechtMesoionic carbenes: multitasking ligands for catalytic applications
11.10.2012Dr. M. ArmbrüsterA Knowledge-Based Approach to Noble Metal-Free Intermetallic Compounds as Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts
30.08.2012Prof. J. ChengThe Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Cyanation Reaction
27.08.2012Prof. Ch. SchneiderSelektive Reaktionen von Dienolaten: Asymmetrische Katalyse und schneller Aufbau molekularer Komplexität
24.08.2012Dr. A. Pla-QuintanaA journey through Rh(I)-catalyzed [2+2+2] cycloaddition reactions: from mechanistic studies to the search for new catalysts
06.08.2012Prof. M. AntoniettiHeterogene Organokatalyse: unerwartete C/N-Verbindungen
11.07.2012Dr. H. MutinSynthesis of mixed oxide catalysts by non-hydrolytic sol-gel
09.07.2012Prof. Q. XuNanostructured materials and their functional applications
06.07.2012Dr. A. Seidel

Polycyclische aromatische Kohlenwasserstoffe - eine Herausforderung an Analytik, Synthese und Toxikologie

05.07.2012Prof. F. ShiHeterogeneous Catalysis in Nitrogen Containing Fine Chemical Synthesis
28.06.2012Dr. St. VajdaWell defined sub-nm to nm size clusters in dehydrogenation and partial oxidation reactions: Cluster size, composition, oxidation statte, morphology and assembly effects on catalyst performance
25.06.2012Prof. Zh. XiZirconocene and Si-Tethered Diynes: A Happy Match Directed toward Organometallic Chemistry and Organic Synthesis
14.06.2012Dr. K. KumarBuilding Molecular Complexity Over Rings of Lord: Chemistry for Chemical Biology
01.06.2012Prof. C. WentrupNitrenes and nitrile imines: chemistry, properties and relationship
22.05.2012Prof. R. van SantenMechanistic aspects of Fischer-Tropsch catalysis
28.03.2012Dr. H. DoucetPalladium catalysed arylations or alkenylations of heteroaromatics via C-H bond activation
27.03.2012Prof. S. GladialiAsymmetric Hydrogenation by Rh-Binepine Catalysts: Mechanistic Insights
22.03.2012Dr. Nagler
Prof. Franke
Prof. Börner
Einweihung Evonik Advaced Catalysis Lab
27.02.2012Prof. J. CaroFestkolloquium für Prof. Dr. Bernhard Lücke
24.02.2012Dr. St. EnthalerThe rise of the zinc age in homogeneous catalysis?
20.02.2012Prof. R. ErnstMetal-Pentadienyl Compounds: The Chemistry, Bonding, Reactivities and Applications of Open Metallocenes and Related Complexes


Dr. A. PfaltzNeue Katalysatoren und Screeningmethoden für die Asymmetrische Synthese
19.01.2012Prof. B. ChaudretSurface Chemistry and Reactivity of Organometallic Nanoparticles
10.01.2012 Prof. M. RöperRohstoffbasis im Wandel
04.01.2012 Prof. Ch. Darcel

On Iron-Catalyzed reactions

24.11.2011Dr. St. PeitzC4 Chemistry @ Evonik
20.10.2011Prof. B. BreitLigandenkontrolle in der Übergangsmetallkatalyse: Vom Katalysator-Self-Assembly zur propargylischen CH-Aktivierung
04.10.2011Prof. V. GounerneurFabulous Fluorine
27.09.2011Dr. J. BaumgartnerMetallacyclosilane
27.09.2011Prof. Ch. MarschnerSynthese und Koordinationsverhalten von disilylierten Germyl-, Stannyl- und Plumbylenen
15.09.2011Dr. H. M. KaiserChemiker bei McKinsey, ein Erfahrungsbericht und Perspektiven der chemischen Industrie
09.09.2011Prof. J. Pérez SesteloIndium-organometallics in metal-catalyzed cross coupling reactions and beyond
26.08.2011Prof. D. Pérez MeirasCycloaddition reactions of arynes: from natural product synthesis to materials science
12.05.2011Prof. L. L. SchaferCatalyst Development using Metals of Low Toxicity. Efficient and Selective Amine and Heterocycle Synthesis
14.04.2011PD Dr. Th. Schedel-NiedrigUntersuchung der Oxidation von Chalkopyrit- und Kohlenstoffnitrid-
Dünnschichten für die Photovoltaik und Photokatalyse
12.04.2011Dr. M. PeruzziniWhite Phosphorus and Water: a not always indissoluble marriage if officiated by transition metals
08.03.2011Prof. V. Ratovelomanana-VidalAsymmetric transition-metal catalyzed reactions: Synthetic applications
03.03.2011Prof. M. Taillefer

Metal Catalyzed Arylation of Nucleophiles (C-C, C-O and C-N bond formation)

17.12.2010Dr. O. ThielTransition Metal Catalysis in the Practical Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Development Compounds
09.12.2010Prof. Z.-J. ShiTransition-metal Catalyzed C-O/H Activation
23.11.2010Prof. R. N. PerutzA transition metal chemist`s view of C-H and C-F bond activation
15.11.2010Prof. U. KortzNoble Metals in Polyoxometalate Chemistry
12.11.2010Prof. U. SiemelingGoing for Gold with Ferrocene
03.11.2010Prof. S. PolarzWeiche Chemie und feste Materialien: Zwei "Gegensätze", die sich anziehen
28.10.2010Dr. BauerNeue Methoden der Röntgenabsorption - von der Grundlagenforschung zur operando-Spektroskopie in der Katalyse
27.10.2010Prof. V. AnanikovTransition-metal-catalyzed carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bonds formation via  atomeconomic reactions
18.10.2010Prof. I. GridnevMechanism of Asymmetric Hydrogenation - Stereoselection by "Trial-And-Error" Method
08.10.2010Prof. E. HensenFrom mechanistic insight towards rational design of heterogeneous catalysts
30.09.2010Prof. R. Llusar BarellesFunctional molecular systems based on transition metal cluster chalcogenides with potential application in catalysis
27.09.2010Prof. H. ButenschönPi-Komplexe von Chrom und Eisen: Von der Suche nach neuen Reaktionen zur Synthese neuer P-stereogener Liganden
21.09.2010Prof. D. MilsteinDesign of New Catalytic Reactions for Sustainable Chemistry
30.08.2010D. De VosAdvanced microscopy techniques for the study of organics and organic reactions in porous materials
28.07.2010Dr. M. HaumannSupported ionic liquid phase (SILP) materials in chemical engineering
16.07.2010Prof. D. VogtHomogeneous Catalysis and the Interplay of Catalyst Design and Reaction Engineering
12.07.2010Prof. L. LiebeskindSeeking Novel Reactivity and Selectivity in Modern Organic Synthesis. Organometallic Enantiomeric Scaffolds: Synthesis, Reactivity, and Applications to Natural Product Synthesis
07.07.2010Prof. A. JessSome important properties of ionic liquids (ILs) with regard to their application: vapour pressure, thermal stability, and activity coefficient of water in ILs
01./02.07.10Dr. M. GottaVorlesung: Homogen-katalysierte industrielle Prozesse
Inhalt und Zeitplan
28.05.2010PD Dr. S. KuretiRust as precious as noble metals? Rational Advancement of iron oxide catalysts for emission control
26.05.2010Dr. D. MeierErzeugung u. Verwertungslinien für Biocrude aus Pyrolyseverfahren
25.05.2010Prof. A. M. AlgeierHeterogeneous Catalysis Challenges in the Production of Organic Chemicals
17.05.2010Prof. J. SundermeyerPrivileged Ligands in Lewis-Acids and Redox Catalysts for the Conversion of Dioxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Amines and Olefines to Commodity Chemicals
28.04.2010Prof. V. HesselMicrostructured Reactors and System Integration for Process intensification in Novel Process Windows
21.04.2010Prof. L. LeffersHeterogeneous catalysis in liquid phase: Fundamental and engineering challenges
26.02.2010Prof. K. KöhlerHomogeneous Catalysis by Heterogeneous Catalysts: Dissolution of Palladium (Oxide) Particles  during  CC-Coupling Reactions and the Influence of Light on Palladium Chemistry
28.01.2010Prof. D. Rau

Modelled after nature - photocatalytic hydrogen formation with oligonuclear metal complexes

20.01.2010Dr. D. WolfMotivation und Barrieren bei der Durchsetzung neuer Katalysatortechnologien in industriellen Anwendungen
17.12.2009Prof. W. UhlHydroaluminierungs- und Hydrogallierungsreaktionen und ihre überraschenden spontanen Folgeprozesse
23.11.2009Prof. M. MeierPlant oils as a renewable resource for the polymer industry: Metathesis and other efficient reactions
18.11.2009Prof. K. NeymeyrMultikomponentenzerlegungen - ein Analysewerkzeug für Spektrenfolgen
03.11.2009Prof. L. el FirdoussiPalladium catalyzed allylic functionalization of natural mono- and sesquiterpenes
15.10.2009Prof. A. SalzerDie agostische Bindung in Synthese und Katalyse
09.10.2009Prof. B. PlietkerNachhaltige Chemie - Beispiele aus der Katalyse und Wirkstoffsynthese
02.10.2009Prof. M. CostasBioinspired Catalysts for Selective C-H and C=C Oxidation Reactions
28.09.2009Prof. A. LeiNovel Approaches and Understanding toward Bond Formation Reactions
24.09.2009Dr. Ch. JäkelCaRLa - Catalyzing the Cooperation between Science and Industry
07.09.2009Prof. J. MittendorfNO-unabhängige Stimulatoren und Aktivatoren der löslichen Guanylatcyclase
27.08.2009Prof. S. GladialiChiral Monodentate Phosphorus Ligands in Asymmetric Catalysis
13.08.2009Prof. P. ClausUngewöhnliche Katalysatoren in der chemokatalytischen Stoffwandlung
30.07.2009Prof. A. Seidel-MorgensternCoupling of chromatography and crystallization to separate enantiomers
17.07.2009Prof. R. van SantenStructure sensitivity of heterogeneous catalytic reactions
16.07.2009Prof. J. WilliamsBorrowing Hydrogen in the Formation of C-C and C-N Bonds
18.06.2009Prof. P. DixneufRuthenium Catalysts and Some Challenges in C-C and C=C Bond Formation
03.06.2009Prof. C. H. ChristensenFuels and Chemicals from Renewables: The C-factor
02.06.2009Dr. Y. WatanabeContinuous Production of Biofuels from Glycerine with Enzymes
26.05.2009Prof. D. SteinbornPlatina-beta-diketone und Elementarschritte in der Organometallchemie und homogenen Katalyse
18.05.2009Prof. B. WeckhuysenWatching catalytic solids at work: From macro- to nanoscale chemical imaging
12.05.2009Prof. R. PoliInterplay of different one-electron processes in coordination/organometallic chemistry: their role in controlled radical polymerization
06.05.2009Prof. E. KlemmMicrostructured Reactors for the Production of Commodities by Heterogeneously Catalysed Gas Phase Reactions: Potentials and Limits
17.04.2009Prof. J. CaroKatalyse in Membranreaktoren Abstract
31.03.2009Prof. M. MuhlerZinc oxide as redox catalyst
25.03.2009Dr. J. UgolottiGroup 4 metallacycloallenoids: the missing members of a strained family
04.03.2009Prof. K.-E. JaegerIdentification and design of novel biocatalysts
26.02.2009Dr. U. FehrenbacherBiobasierte Bausteine und Polymere 
22.01.2009Dr. Y. TraaHeterogen katalysierte nicht oxidative Aktivierung von leichten Alkanen
08.01.2009Prof. J. ReekNew supramolecular strategies in transition metal catalysis
07.11.2008Prof. F. E. KühnOrganomolybdän-Verbindungen, Darstellung und Anwendung in der Epoxidationskatalyse
06.11.2008Dr. M. MaiwaldReaktions- und Prozeßmonitoring mit Online-NMR-Spektroskopie <link typo3 fileadmin user_upload main-dateien veranstaltungen maiwald_michael.pdf _self einen internen link im aktuellen>Abstract
24.10.2008Prof. S. JugéP-Stereogenic Ligands Made by Ephedrine Methodologies


Dr. Y. SakamotoAnalysis and application of spillover
in automotive catalyst: NOx storage analysis using Pt/Ba thin film model catalyst and electro proportion of NOx selective reaction.
01.09.2008Prof. M. J. KrischeFormation of C-C Bonds via Catalytic Hydrogenation and Transfer Hydrogenation
28.08.2008Dr. A. J. v. WangelinNew Aspects of Metal Catalyzed Cross Coupling Reactions
22.08.2008Dr. G. LaurenczyHydrogen storage in the CO2 / formic acid system - high pressure hydrogen generation
20.08.2008Dr. K. WagemannLignocellulose Bioraffinerie Pilotprojekt - Ziele, Status, Konzept im internationalen Kontext
19.08.2008Prof. Ch. B. W. StarkNew Catalytic Oxidation Reactions for Asymmetric Synthesis
14.08.2008Prof. D. J. Cole-HamiltonVery highly selective carbonylation and related reactions
24.07.2008Prof. W. KochNachhaltige Entwicklung - Nicht ohne Chemie
24.07.2008Prof. N. SuzukiOrganometallic approach toward small cycloalkynes and cycloallenes
29.05.2008Dr. E. ManouryPlanar-chiral Ferrocenes: Synthesis, Coordination Chemistry and Applications to Asymmetric Catalysis
20.05.2008Prof. Ch. MaschnerVon Polysilaniden und anderen reaktiven Siliciumverbindungen
20.05.2008Dr. H. TelesOxidation from an Industrial Point of View
16.05.2008Prof. A. BehrHomogene Übergangsmetallkatalyse mit nachwachsenden Rohstoffen
22.04.2008Prof. M. OestreichDrei Strategien zum Erzielen perfekter Enantioselektivität in der asymmetrischen Katalyse
18.04.2008Prof. C. WentrupChemistry of Iminopropadienones, RN=C=C=C=O
15.04.2008Dr. H. J. WernickeNew catalytic processes - efficient use of limited ressources
04.03.2008Prof. R. PoliChemistry and Catalysis with High Oxidation State Cp*Mo and Cp*W Complexes in Water
29.02.2008Dr. R. BlaserAccelerating Process Development: New Approaches and Results
14.02.2008Dr. H.-J. FischerVon Erdgas zu Polymer - Die Rolle von Katalysatoren bei knappen Ressourcen
29.01.2008Prof. M. DriesFrom Stable Silylenes to Novel Molecular Functions for Catalysis and More


Dr. R. Kadyrov

Ru-Metathese Katalysatoren für die Herstellung von Pharma Produkten


<link buekenhoudt.477.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Dr. A. Buekenhoudt

Performance of zeolitic membranes formed by the stacking of zeolitic nanoblocks


<link albrecht.475.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. M. Albrecht

Molekulare Erkennung und Selbstorganisation zur Generierung Supramolekularer Funktion


<link knochel.476.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. P. Knochel

Metallierungsreaktionen für die Herstellung polyfunktionalisierter Magnesiumverbindungen


<link trunschke.468.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Dr. A. Trunschke

Kontrollierte Synthese komplexer Katalysatorsysteme


<link holst.467.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Dr. N. Holst

Förderung nachwachsender Rohstoffe durch die Bundesregierung


<link alt.266.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. H. Alt

Katalytische Aktivierung von ungesättigten und gesättigten Kohlenwasserstoffverbindungen


<link wolf_d.465.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Dr. D. Wolf

Katalyse für Feinchemie und Pharma


<link buchmeiser.463.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. M. R. Buchmeiser

Monolithische Materialien: Synthesen, Funktionalisierung und Anwendungen in den Trenntechniken, der Heterogenkatalyse und der Regenerativmedizin


<link schueth.462.0.html _blank internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. F. Schüth

Nanomaterials in Catalysis


<link sojka.428.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. Z. Sojka

DeNOx Catalysis on Intrazeolite Transition Metal Ions - Mechanistic Insights through Spectroscopy and Molecular Modeling


<link radius.426.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>PD Dr. U. Radius

Metall-assistierte Aktivierungsreaktionen reaktionsträger Element-Element-Bindungen


U. Kragl

Prozessintensivierung in der (Bio)Katalyse durch Membranen. Modellierung und Zweiphasensysteme.


<link kraushaar.422.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. B. Kraushaar-Czarnetzki

Herstellung, Eigenschaften und Anwendungspotentiale katalytisch beschichteter Schwämme


<link deng.385.0.html _top internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. Y. Deng

Research progress on non-phosgene process and ionic liquids in LICP


<link tietze.376.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. L. F. Tietze

Multiple Pd-katalysierte Reaktionen in der Synthese von Naturstoffen und Materialien


<link ganter.375.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. Ch. Ganter

Phosphametallocen-Einheiten als Bausteine für chirale Chelatliganden


<link taube.255.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. R. Taube

Katalysatorenentwicklung in der metallorganischen Komplexkatalyse
Teil III: Molybdän- und Ruthenium-komplexkatalysierte Olefin-Metathese


<link taube.255.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. R. Taube

Katalysatorenentwicklung in der metallorganischen Komplexkatalyse
Teil II: Metallbasierte Struktur-Wirkungsbeziehungen in der komplexkatalysierten Butadienpolymerisation


<link taube.255.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. R. Taube

Katalysatorenentwicklung in der metallorganischen Komplexkatalyse
Teil I: Die Allylnickel-komplexkatalysierte 1,4-trans- und 1,4-cis-Polymerisation des Butadiens


<link roepcke.372.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. J. Röpcke

On Recent Progress in diagnostics of molecular plasmas and in Trace Gas Detection using Infrared techniques


<link bouwcamp.371.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Dr. M. W. Bouwcamp

Pyridine-diimine iron complexes for catalytic bond forming reactions


<link kalinin.365.0.html _self internal-link einen internen link im aktuellen>Prof. V. N. Kalinin

Carboranes and Approaches to Their Functionalization

14.12.2006Prof. A. JessHeterogen-katalysierte Mehrphasensysteme – eine Herausforderung für vielfältige Prozesse von der Raffinerietechnik bis hin zur Herstellung von Feinchemikalien
Abstract (PDF)

Dr. H. U. Blaser

Vorträge im Rahmen der Vorlesung "Asymmetrische Katalyse"
23.11.2006Dr. D. SuSoot particulates
Abstract (PDF)
09.11.2006Prof. E. BurkelNichtgleichgewichtssynthese nanostrukturierter Materialien
08.11.2006Prof. P. van LeeuwenWide bite angle diphosphine ligands: complexes and catalysis
02.11.2006Prof. J. L. MascarenasSynthetic strategies based on metal-catalyzed cyclizations and cycloaddition reactions
02.11.2006Prof. B. OndruschkaMikrowellen im Zeugenstand der Katalyse
Abstract (PDF)
26.10.2006Prof. E. NagyMass transport through dense, polymeric, catalytic membrane layer with dispersed catalyst
Abstract (PDF)
26.10.2006Dr. A. DattaMesostructure Induction in the Catalytically Important VPO System
24.10.2006Prof. G. Erker"Gewinkelte Metallocene und funktionelle Gruppen: die Suche nach Wegen in schwierigem Terrain"
26.09.2006Dr. Ch. Müller"Phosphabenzole - mehr als nur Labor-Kuriositäten"
21.09.2006Prof. A. Ludwig"Herstellung und Charakterisierung von PVD-Dünnschicht-Materialbibliotheken für die Entwicklung neuer Funktionswerkstoffe"
Abstract (PDF)
21.09.2006Dr. W. Bonrath"Industrielle Katalyse am Beispiel der Feinchemikaliensynthesen: Ansätze und Problemlösungen vom Labor in die Produktion"
20.09.2006Dr. W. Bonrath"Nicht klassische Methoden in der industriellen Forschung und Entwicklung: Neue Methoden, Vorteile und Grenzen"


Prof. S. Rau"Photokatalytische Wasserstoffproduktion nach dem Vorbild der Natur" Abstract


Prof. Th. Willner

"Direktverflüssigung von Biomasse und Brennstoffen"

08.08.2006Prof. O. Nuyken

"Synthese und Anwendung amphiphiler Polymere für die Mizellare Katalyse"


Dr. U. Hanefeld

"Chemoenzymatic Catalysit in Organic Synthesis"


Dr. A. Saxena

"Octahydropyrazinopyridoindoles and Related Compounds: Chemistry and Pharmacology"


Prof. F. Khan

"A concise Synthesis of Novel Oxabridged Compounds"


Dr. H. U. Blaser

"Heterogene chemo- und enantioselektive Hydrierungen"


Dr. H. U. Blaser

"Homogene C-C and C-N Kupplungsreaktionen"


Dr. H. U. Blaser

"Prozesse für Feinchemikalien: Wie wichtig sind ökologische Aspekte? Was kann Katalyse beitragen?"


Prof. R. Taube

"Reaktionsmechanismus und Struktur-Wirkungsbeziehungen in der lanthanoid-komplexkatalysierten Butadienpolymerisation"


Prof. J. Christoffers

"Oxidationsreaktionen mit Luft und Cer-Katalysatoren"


Prof. S. Gladiali

"Catalytic Tools for Asymmetric Synthesis. Asymmetric Hydroformylation"


Prof. S. Gladiali

"Catalytic Tools for Asymmetric Synthesis. Asymmetric Hydrogen Transfer Reduction"


Prof. S. Gladiali

"Guidelines of Enantioselective Catalysis"


Prof. J. J. Eisch

"Übergangsmetallalkyle in der Organischen Synthese: Labilität als überraschender Vorteil"


Prof. R. Schlögl

"Wie statisch sind heterogene Katalysatoren?"


Dr. U. Bornscheuer

"Enzymes in Organic Synthesis - Successful Examples and Current Challenges"


Dr. C. Raffa

"Modulare Mikro-Reaktionsanlagen - Flexible und leistungsfähige Systeme für die Prozessentwicklung und Produktion"


Prof. U. Kortz

"Polyoxometalates: Molecular Metal-Oxygen Clusters with Multiple Structures and Applications"


Prof. M. Garland

"The role of in-situ vibrational spectroscopies in organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis. Advanced signal processing, deconvolution and system identification"


Prof. R. Schomäcker

"Homogene Katalyse in mizellaren Medien und Membranreaktoren"


Prof. F. Glorius

"Innovative catalysis concepts for organic synthesis"


Dr. Martin Klußmann

"Mechanistische Studien zu Prolin-katalysierten Reaktionen"


Prof. Dr. Heinz Berke

"Homogene Katalyse mit schweren Übergangsmetallen: Hydierungen, Hydrosilylierungen, Olefinmetathese"