Structure-function correlations

Prof. Jennifer Strunk 

In this research group we focus on gaining a deep understanding of the underlying photophysical, catalytic and electrochemical processes to create a basis for the targeted development of photocatalysts and application concepts with regard to potential large-scale implementation. In addition to reactions relevant for energy storage (carbon dioxide reduction, water splitting), we also deal with selective oxidation reactions of alcohols or of nitrogen.

Various methods of spectroscopy, particularly IR spectroscopy under reaction conditions and optical spectroscopy, as well as electrochemical characterization are used to study the optoelectronic and catalytic properties and to follow the charge carrier dynamics. In order to examine all these parameters, the group also cooperates with other research groups that have the appropriate, specialized methodologies, for example transient optical spectroscopy. The aim is to identify precisely those structural and electronic properties of the photocatalyst that are responsible for a high photocatalytic activity. With this knowledge more efficient photocatalysts should be synthesized in a targeted way.