Technology-Oriented Processes

Dr.-Ing. Udo Armbruster

Research focus 

Application-related development and testing of heterogeneous catalysts for

  • petrochemical processes (oxidation, hydrogenation, alkylation) and fine chemistry
  • high-pressure reaction engineering, supercritical fluids
  • conversion of biomass and CO2
    • upgrading of plant and pyrolysis oils via depolymerization and deoxygenation
    • glycerol transformations (acrolein, oligomers, hydrogenolysis, esters)
    • dry reforming and methanation of CO2

Catalyst characterization with temperature-programmed methods (TPR, TPD, TPO)


Autoclaves up to 5 L; continuous flow plants for ambient and elevated pressure; testing of industrial catalysts (5x5 mm) with automated operation is possible.

Routine analysis online with GC and IR sensors to monitor reaction progress; additionally GC/MS and TOC/IC are available; solid state characterization by N2 physisorption and ultrasound particle analysis. 


Projects (State 2015)

  • 4 bilateral industrial cooperations
  • 2 publicly funded projects (BMU, EU/FNR)
  • 7 PhD students (1 guest)