Heterogeneous Catalytic Processes

Dr. Sebastian Wohlrab

The research in the department is presently focused on two main subject areas: (i) oxidation catalysis (selective oxidation, ammoxidation, acetoxylation, epoxidation, oxidative dehydrogenation) and (ii) chemical use of biomass and also its use for energy (conversion of triglycerides, fatty acids and glycerol, deoxygenation of biomass, use of CO2 in chemical syntheses). Over the past five years, research was focused in this direction. This set of topics is rounded off by current research activities in energy transition field (hydrogenation of CO2, water splitting catalysis and exhaust gas catalysis). Urgent tasks are (i) development of new catalysts for environmentally friendly processes, (ii) introduction of sustainable catalytic reactions and (iii) transfer of knowledge and research results to industry

Besides topics directed at basic research, promoted by BMBF, BMWi and other public funding organizations, a considerable number of bilateral projects with partners from SME and large-scale business are directed at solutions closely linked to specific applications. Such projects are carried out with industrial partners from the chemical industry, catalyst manufacturers and other business and engineering companies from Germany and abroad.

The department comprises of three research groups, focusing on the following topics: