Liquid Phase Oxidations

Dr. Angela Köckritz

Our core competencies are specialised in: 

Oxidation catalysis

  • Selective oxidations: oxidative conversions of olefins (epoxidation, dihydroxylation, C=C cleavage, Wacker oxidation, allylic oxidation), oxidation of alcohols and alkyl aromatics to aldehydes, oxidation of aldehydes to carboxylic acids and of polyols to hydroxycarboxylic acids)
  • Total oxidation of organic vapours

Chemical utilization of renewables

  • Functionalization of  fatty acids, triglycerides and glycerol
  • Reactions with monosaccharides and their derivatives
  • Synthesis of monomers (e.g. diols, polyols, dicarboxylic acids, diamines) for production of bio-based Plastics
  • Chemical conversion of terpenes for the production of flavours and fragrances

New catalytic systems are developed which are able to generate products with defined properties from typical mixtures of materials achieved from natural sources. 
Mainly, supported noble metal catalysts as well als oxidic catalysts are investigated. Substantial expertiseLiquid Phase Oxidations exists in the field of heterogenization of homogeneous, even of chiral catalysts, in multiphase systems and on numerous supports. The experiments are executed in the liquid phase in batch (1-150 bar) and continuous reactors.
The projects are enabled by public or governmental support (e.g. BMBF, BMELV, AiF) or carried out within industrial bilateral co-operations. 


Bio-based carbonates and hydroxycarbamates