Events / Colloquia

29.03.2019 • 16:00 Uhr • LIKAT
Prof. Dr. Roland Roesler
University of Calgary
Ligand design for challenging substrates: N-H and C-F bond activation on Nickel and Ruthenium 

12.04.2019 • 16:00 Uhr • LIKAT
Prof. Dr. Benjamin List
Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, Mülheim
Very Strong and Confined Acids Enable a General Approach to Asymmetric Lewis Acid Catalysis

25.04.2019 • 16:00 Uhr • LIKAT
Prof. Fabio Ragaini
Università degli Studi di Milano
The Reduction of Organic Nitro Compounds by Carbon Monoxide as an Effective Strategy for the Synthesis of N-Heterocyclic Compounds

07.05.2019 • 16:00 Uhr • LIKAT
Dr. Michael Rubin
University of Kansas
Using Ring Strain Release for Alleviation of Transannular Strain: Small-Ring Templated Synthesis of Medium Cycles 

08.05.2019 • 16:00 Uhr • LIKAT
Prof. Anton Vidal
ICIQ - Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia
Supramolecular catalytic systems for the (stereo)selective formation of C-H, C-B and C-C bonds 

16./17.05.2019 • Hanse Chemistry Symposium • LIKAT

28.05.2019 • 16:00 Uhr • LIKAT
Prof. Masahiro Murakami
Kyoto Universität
Synthetic Reactions Driven by Energy of Photons