Research Profile

The Leibniz Institute for Catalysis at the University of Rostock (LIKAT) is one of the largest publicly funded research institute in the field of applied catalysis in Europe. The main areas of interest of the LIKAT are homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis. Our expertise involves development of methodology as well as application engineering.

Program Departments

The research is organized in the Program Departments 1-3 with the corresponding Research Departments:

  1. Applied Sustainable Catalytic Processes
    Prof. Matthias Beller
  2. Innovative Methods and Technologies in Catalysis
    Prof. Angelika Brückner
  3. Special (metal)organic Syntheses and Catalyses
    Prof. Uwe Rosenthal

    »Uni in Leibniz«

  4. Junior Research Groups


The Research Departments are subdivided into several research topics. Within these, several scientists are conducting research under the guidance of a group leader.

Explorative Projects

In some Research Departments research is performed on explorative projects. In this context a project leader is supervising the exploration of new projects and ideas that are outside the scope of the original research program.