Modern Technologies

Prof. Dr. Uwe Rosenthal

The topics deal with aspects of coordination chemistry in homogeneous catalysis with transition metals (preferably with Ti, Zr, Hf, Cr, Co, Ru, Pd), aimed at developing processes that are useful for the application in the chemical industry. The process of development ranges from investigating the molecular model and optimising the reaction, through to the point of transfer into technical processes.

The "oligomerisation" of ethylene was achieved with different metallacycles and innovative ligands; in a highly selective process, this led to linear alpha-olefins,as a valuable industrial intermediate. A novel catalyst system is currently being tested in a pilot plant and improvements of the patented SABLIN® process are currently being used in a plant in Al Jubail (Saudi Arabia) (using 120,000 tonnes/year).

Oligomerisations (Dr. Bernd H. Müller)

  • Selective oligomerisations of ethylen
  • Innovative ligand and metal complex syntheses
  • Technical and scientific steering of industrial cooperations

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