Micro kinetic evaluation

PD Dr. Evgenii Kondratenko

Kinetic evaluation of transient experiments yields incisive insights into reaction processes. The evaluation procedure of TAP experiments is based on analytical or numerical solution of partial differential equations describing chemical and transport processes in the micro-reactor. In our group, partial differential equations (PDEs) describing processes of diffusion transport, adsorption /desorption, and reaction in the TAP micro-reactor are numerically solved. PDEs are transformed into coupled ordinary differential equations (ODEs) by a spatial approximation and then integrated numerically using the PDEONE routine. The above procedure has been applied for evaluation of O2 activation [1] and N2O decomposition [2, 3] over various catalytic materials with the aim to derive insights into plausible reaction mechanisms. The potential of the model based on transient kinetic data of N2O decomposition over Fe-MFI zeolites has been evaluated to predict steady-state catalytic performance [3].


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