Modern Organic Chemistry

Dr. Osama El-Sepelgy

Innovative fundamental research is crucial to face urgent challenges posed by our current societal, environmental and economic demands. Among the most pressing challenges of the 21st century is the utilization of abundant but unreactive feedstock as development of these technologies would enable the sustainable production of vitally important fine and bulk chemicals. To pursue this goal, our group focuses on the development of unprecedented sustainable concepts through the merger of base-metal catalysis and biocatalysts with the visible light available from the sun. We believe that shining visible light on base-metal catalysts and biocatalysts can change the reaction outcome through unpredictable catalytic pathways. The main goal of our group is to redefine the synthetic chemistry, by using novel strategies, which mainly focus on the photoexcited base-metal catalysis and photoexcited biocatalysis. We aim at the discovery of new reactivities that are not possible with ground-state chemistry.

Highly motivated students with special interest in synthetic chemistry, homogenous photocatalysis are welcome to discuss opportunities to pursue laboratory practica, bachelor or master thesis, PhD studies or Postdoctoral work and are encouraged to contact Osama.Elsepelgy{at}