Curriculum Vitae - Dr. Angela Köckritz



Marital status

married, two children

Date of birth

5th May 1956

Place of birth


Academic Education

1974 – 1979

Study of chemistry at HU Berlin, M. Sc.,
Diploma thesis "Synthesis of triphenylphosphin-pyrid-2-yl-methylen and ist reaction with heterocumulenes"

1979 – 1984

Ph. D. at HU Berlin,
Dissertation "Synthesis and reactions of N--heteroarylsubstituted heterocumulenes“



1979 – 1984

1984 – 1991

Scientific assistant at the Institute of Chemistry,
HU Berlin

Scientist at the department “Organophosphorus Compounds“, ZIOC, Academy of Sciences of the GDR, Berlin-Adlershof

1992 – 1993

Scientist at the department “Organophosphorus Compounds“ of the Centre for Organic Synthesis (ZSOS), Berlin-Adlershof

1994 – 1997

Scientist at the department Organic Synthesis of the Institute for Applied Chemistry Ber­lin-Adlershof (ACA),

1997 - 1998

Scientific consultant of the Scientific Director of the ACA

1998 - 2001

Scientist at the department “Catalytic Processes“ of the ACA

2001 - 2005

Project leader at the department “Catalytic Processes“ of the ACA

since 2006

Group leader at the department “Catalytic Processes“ of the Leibniz-Institute for Catalysis at the University of Rostock