Curriculum Vitae - Prof. Dr. Robert Francke

Academic Education

2020 Habilitation at Rostock University
2009 - 2012  PhD studies in the group of Prof. S. R. Waldvogel at Mainz University
2003 - 2008  Studies in chemistry at Bonn University (Germany) and Alicante University (Spain)

Professional career

since 2022 Heisenberg-Professorship "Electrochemistry & Catalysis" (W3) at Rostock University
since 2021 Head of the Department “Electrochemistry & Catalysis” at LIKAT

2014 - 2020

Research group leader and Liebig Fellow (FCI, 2015-2020) at the Institute of Chemistry, Rostock University

2012 - 2014 Postdoctoral researcher and Feodor Lynen Fellow (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) in the group of Prof. R. D. Little at the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry of the University of California Santa Barbara (USA)