The next genaration of scientists

Guiding principles are established for the working conditions and advancement opportunities offered to the Leibniz Association scientists who are either currently working on their doctorate or who already have it; consistent with these principles, the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (LIKAT) is mindful of its responsibility to provide basic training and further training to its scientists during their employment-period at the Institute; accordingly, it has elaborated extensively on the goals being pursued, and on the procedural approaches adopted, in its Guiding Principles promoting the Advancement of the Next Generation of Scientists at LIKAT.

LIKAT, like all non-university research institutions, is not authorised to award doctorates or post-doctorate qualifications. Activities directed at qualification of the next generation of scientists are conducted in cooperation with the University of Rostock. A key role in this is taken by the Regulations for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Qualification of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Rostock. A central concern and a strategically important goal of LIKAT is to safeguard the level of quality of the training provided. As part of nurturing the next generation of scientists, a commitment is made to giving young scientists the opportunity to produce and complete a high-calibre work of qualification in an excellent cooperative research environment. Through LIKAT’s focus on issues of catalysis research relevant to society as a whole, students pursuing doctoral and post-doctoral qualification obtain the chance to establish a network for themselves in a large scientific community. LIKAT enables its upcoming generation of scientists to engage in science from the basic idea right through to the application. The dedication of resources to advance upcoming young scientists at LIKAT serves, on the one hand, as a qualification measure for the next generation at LIKAT itself; on the other hand, it provides a means of enabling scientists who have worked at LIKAT to develop an international scientific career.

The Guiding Principles promoting the Advancement of the Next Generation of Scientists at LIKAT relate to personnel from the upcoming generation of natural scientists, who are either currently pursuing their doctorate or, conversely, those who have a doctorate and aim to achieve habilitation, i.e. to qualify as a lecturer at a German university.

Guidelines for Scholarship Students