Public relations

LIKAT‘s scientists generate knowledge and innovation in the ongoing interactions that link basic  research and applied research. They make available their findings and the explanations associated with them in a way that exactly matches the needs both of science and business and also those of the public as a whole. Research for people’s use and benefit - the guiding principle of the Leibniz Association – can succeed only by means of an exchange between science, on the one hand, and business and society on the other, providing theoria cum praxi (theory and practice).

The dissemination of research results – work that is effective in publicity terms – proceeds through internationally highly-regarded publication activity or respectively through subject-specialist contributions to scientific conferences; the Institute’s professors, as well as the heads of departments and of topic-based activity areas that are qualified as university lecturers, also participate in the knowledge-transfer into the academic training provided to the University of Rostocks next generation of undergraduate and graduate students. Among other aspects, this enhances the closeness of the training to everyday professional reality. Moreover, guest professorships by the Institute’s scientists, especially abroad, also contribute to a strengthening of LIKATs profile and visibility, to the building-up of an improved network, and to the dissemination of the Institute’s research results.

Consistent with this, the organising and hosting of conferences, conventions and symposia/workshops, both nationally and internationally, serve as important elements in the process of conveying current research results to the scientific community and the public in a way that is effective in PR terms; such events are therefore an important aspect in the activity of the Instituteꞌs scientists. Each year, colleagues participate in the hosting of several symposia / conventions, either in Rostock itself or indeed in other locations. They play an active role both in such eventsꞌ organising committees and also on their scientific boards.

At LIKAT (as elsewhere), an important challenge is to get across to the broad-based public the content of its scientific activity and the significance of the research projects that it undertakes. A central element of the publicity work is the press work.

A further important part of the publicity work is guided tours and information events for visitors to our Institute. Alongside guests with project-specific invitations, we present what we do on our permises, to politicians, trade associations, groups of schoolchildren or other groups of interested members of the public.  

Interested schoolchildren have the opportunity to have a schoolchild’s placement at our organisation. Each year since 2008, the Institute has also run a special prize for winners of the Youth researches competition. Each year in the summer or autumn, the prize-winners complete a three-week period of research at the Institute.

Events such as the Long Night of the Sciences, in which LIKAT takes part, generate very positive feedback from the public as a whole and also increase the public‘s awareness of LIKAT as an institute. On these evenings, between 500 and 700 interested visitors, spanning all age groups, make avail of the opportunity to take an up-close look at various LIKAT organsational units and research activities.

Similarly, Girls Day draws a lot of interest. Girls at different stages of school education come to visit LIKAT and find out about the Institutes research projects.

Also, LIKAT participates each year in the nationwide Green Day provided for interested school-pupils, with a growing degree of success – between 50 and 100 pupils get ground-breaking new technologies explained and shown to them at LIKAT, at various organisational departments – these are technologies that they can see and touch for themselves.

Every year, scientists from the Institute are actively involved in events such as Chemistry Day and the Innovation Congress on Chemistry and Biotechnology, held in Berlins Adlershof district.


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