Analytical Services

PD Dr. habil. Wolfgang Baumann

Powerful analytical methods are at the core of any successful chemical work. Therefore it is indispensable to have a combination of modern analytical instrumentation and qualified staff. Our Analytical Services thus support the research groups by providing the required methods. These methods are developed and adjusted to specific problems in close cooperation with the respective scientists that have the requirements.

Particular knowledge has been accumulated in the resolution of enantiomers (by chromatographic techniques) und the nuclear magnetic resonance of transition metals. The Analytical Services place further emphasis on solid state and surface investigations, using real heterogeneous catalysts, the aim being to develop structural models from the nanoscopic scale up to the macroscopic scale.

The following methods are currently available:


In-situ investigations (regarding reacting systems) are conducted in close cooperation with the preparative groups being involved in the respective chemistry. Established techniques encompass X-ray diffraction and NMR methods (either under pressure or not). Further methods are developed and used in the department “Catalytic in situ studies”. Such research is aiming at a better understanding of catalysis reaction which is, e.g., essential for elucidation of structure-activity relationships. 

Some of the expensive analytical machines are operated jointly with the University of Rostock’s Chemistry Department. The IT infrastructure provides direct access to analytical data for all users, so they are able to do a good deal of evaluation and interpretation themselves.