Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Analysis (SC-XRD)

X-ray diffraction at the crystal lattice of single crystals allows the elucidation of the structure of chemical compounds in the solid state. Two diffractometers are available at LIKAT, an IPDS II from STOE & Cie GmbH and a Kappa APEX II Duo from Bruker AXS GmbH. Both Mo- and Cu-radiation can be used. By using Cu radiation on the Bruker Kappa APEX II Duo, it is possible to determine the absolute configuration of light-atom compounds. The equipment of both diffractometers with an Oxford Cryosystems low-temperature unit allows the measurement of air- and moisture-sensitive crystals as well as crystals containing solvent in the crystal lattice.

The CSD database (Cambridge Structural Database) is available for structure searches.


This is our equipment:

Bruker Kappa APEX II Duo

  • Dualsystem with Mo fine-focus sealed tube and Cu IµS microfocus source
  • APEX II CCD detector
  • 4-circle kappa goniometer


  • Diffraktometer (imaging plate diffraction system) with Mo fine-focus sealed tube
  • detector: imaging plate (diameter 340 mm)
  • 2-circle goniometer