November 2020 • PM Kathrin Junge and Matthias Beller among the Highly Cited Researcher 2020

November 2020 • PM Wastewater Treatment Using Sunlight

October 2020 • PM "Prof. apl." for Evgenii Kondratenko 

October 2020 • PM Radical in the Black Box - LIKAT Chemists Reveal the Business Secret of a Catalyst

September 2020 • PM Cascade from Methanol to Hydrogen

September 2020 • PM Prof. Angelika Brückner on Advisory Board of Karl-Ziegler-Foundation

August 2020 • PM Metha-Cycle: Storage for Green Energy 

Juli 2020 • PM Poster Award for Event via Twitter

June 2020 • PM Funding National Research Data Infrastructurer

June 2020 • PM "Green brother" of PET - LIKAT Simplifies Procedure for the Building Blocks of the Bio-Polymer PEF

June 2020 • PM 1000th Publication by Matthias Beller

June 2020 • PM CO2 from Air - There Is Something in the Air - Carbon Mining: How Chemists at LIKAT Extract Carbon from the Air

June 2020 • PM LIKAT at "Leibniz im Bundestag"

May 2020 • AG P-Chemistry Webinar - Scientific Exchange Despite Distance

May 2020 • PM Top 10% of Downloaded Publications

May 2020 • PM Catalysts made from rice straw - Biorefinery for the field Edge: catalysts made from rice straw in a BMBF project

March 2020 • PM Papa Mangankatalysator - Tutu for the catalyst: Hydrogenation of quinoline at room temperature succeeds by using manganese

March 2020 • PM GreenSolRes - Adhesive with memory

February 2020 • PM Prodigy LIKAT - From Climate Gas to Raw Material